We’ve hit a little past the halfway point till baby girl arrives so I thought a little pregnancy update was overdue 🙂


    HOW FAR ALONG: 23 weeks – Officially, it’s more like 23 weeks and 2 Days (according to my app). It’s been a few weeks since I settled into my second trimester but so far, it’s been 10 x’s better than my first trimester. With every appointment we have, baby girl comes out doing really well! We won’t know till I am further along if there are any signs that she wants to come out early like Kaeden did. But that’s not till around 30 weeks.


    HOW BIG IS SHE: This week she is the size of a grapefruit.


    WEIGHT GAIN: 12 pounds — and that’s on a good day. These days, it’s starting to feel more like 20 as she continues to grow. According to my doctor, I am right on track with my weight gain. But it definitely is not easy carrying it around. It’s getting harder to move around as fast as I am used too and I get winded quicker. I’m hoping that staying way more active and keeping up with my workouts this pregnancy keeps my weight gain healthy. It’s hard to believe that with Kaeden I gained almost 40 pounds!!!


    SYMPTOMS: The only symptoms that I can really complain at the moment are my back and being TIRED. I know they say that during the second trimester you regain your energy, which is true for the most part. I do have more energy than I did a few months ago but keeping up with a toddler and mom life has me exhausted more than not. The one thing I have REALLY REALLLLYYYYY been struggling with is my sciatica nerve. If it’s not all day then it hits at night and I have to sit on a hot pad just to relieve the pain. There was one day a few weeks back where the pain shot down my entire leg and I could barely stand it. Yay, that was fun.


    SLEEP: I sleep good most nights minus having to get up 3x’s in the middle of the night to pee. I guess it doesn’t help that I am constantly thirsty and keep water by my bed.


    CRAVINGS: Captain Crunch!!!!! I go through a box in about a day and a half, haha! And oranges.


    BODY CHANGES: Body changes have hit me hard lately. I love all the beauty that pregnancy brings but seeing your body change is never easy. And with both my pregnancies, my body has changed so much. I tend to get curvier than I am used to. My boobs get huge, my butt gets junk in the trunk, (not to mention the growing bump) and it takes me a while to fully accept my new body. Justin has been a great support through this. He is always telling me how beautiful I am and that he loves my curves. Idk, even as a pregnant woman, body issues and self-loathing does come up. Plus side – I haven’t gotten any stretch marks so far. I have been super religious about applying my lotion and body oil every day so I think that has really helped! (Let me know if you want to see the products I use so I can share them).


    CAN YOU FEEL HER MOVE: YES. YES. and YES. This little girl is a mover and a shaker.


    It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a healthy and safe pregnancy through the weeks and that’s all I can ask for. We do have a name picked out for her but we are going to keep that a secret until she is here 🙂 The next few weeks will be about planning her nursery and starting to get the ball rolling on decorating/painting it!